Completion time 12 weeks
Tuition $2,500 total
Delivery Asynchronous with optional live sessions
Next start date January 29, 2024
Type Non-credit, up to 3 CEUs available

The DePaul Online Business Analytics Certificate provides a high-touch introduction to the field, taking you from data collection and organization to analysis and insight generation. Throughout the program, you will work with real data and in real software environments through a virtual lab. You will also learn to use data visualization techniques so that you can get buy-in from coworkers and stakeholders.

Business Analytics Certificate Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the certificate program, you will be able to:

  • Apply advanced analytics techniques to gain powerful business insights.
  • Utilize a four-step data process to drive business strategy: collection, preparation, analysis and communication.
  • Analyze a variety of datasets using descriptive, predictive and prescriptive techniques.
  • Use R programming, Microsoft Excel and other key technologies with confidence.
  • Advance your career with a deep understanding of business analytics and add to your résumé with a distinction from a respected university.

Who Can Benefit From This Business Analytics Certificate?

This certificate is a strong fit for anyone who wants to use their analytical skills to harness the power of data technologies. We ask that participants have a basic understanding of mathematics and statistics in order to be prepared for this certificate.

This certificate is also useful for professionals who have a technical background but want to understand how to apply analytic thinking to the business world. It is also an excellent option for those who have a strong foundation in a specific business domain but want to take a more data-driven approach to their strategic planning as well as for those who need to hire and supervise data professionals.

Career changers interested in the high demand for analytics professionals may find this certificate to be a viable option for getting experience in the field without committing to a full graduate degree.

More than one-third of companies say they need more data and analytics talent, according to MarketingWeek.


The certificate in business analytics takes 12 weeks to complete and is organized into distinct learning modules.

Each module centers on a key analytics area: descriptive, predictive or prescriptive. This format allows you to focus on each concept and truly develop your knowledge while also becoming proficient in related software tools. The program is bookended by an introductory overview and a closing capstone project.

Course Introduction and Introduction to Business Analytics

Module 1: Identifying Trends through Descriptive Analytics

  • Week 1: Introduction to R Programming
  • Week 2: Data Wrangling and Preparation
  • Week 3: Fundamentals of Descriptive Analytics
  • Week 4: Data Visualization

Module 2: Connecting the Past to the Future through Predictive Analytics

  • Week 5: Statistical Inference
  • Week 6: Regression Analysis
  • Week 7: Classification
  • Week 8: Clustering

Module 3: Determining the Best Course of Action through Prescriptive Analytics

  • Week 9: Spreadsheet Model Building and Linear Optimization
  • Week 10: Integer Programming
  • Week 11: Time Series Forecasting
  • Week 12: Simulation

Capstone Assignment

Certificate Program Experience

Driehaus College of Business instructors oversee and regularly update the Online Business Analytics Certificate. A facilitator with analytics expertise supports the program in real-time and serves as a resource for participants.

The certificate takes a three-part approach that maximizes the learning experience: quality instruction, extensive practical elements and useful assessments. These include recorded lectures, videos, guest presentations, articles, case studies, project work, practice labs and other hands-on assignments. Collaborative opportunities include discussion boards and live instructor sessions, which will be recorded for access later.

Participants will have access to the program materials for up to five years. They will also be invited to join in refresher training and meet-up opportunities hosted by the college.

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